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Extensive knowledge and the track record of a large multinational agribusiness group gives Wilmar Continental Edible Oils and Fats, (Pty) Limited the best of both worlds. Knowing the local market gives us the opportunity to create products for customers who have a need, while utilising global insight benchmarks our end product to the public.

We stand by our motto of ‘Work Local and Think Global’, this is why Wilmar Continental Edible Oils and Fats, (Pty) Limited is one of the game changers in the world of edible oils and fats.

Our combined expertise with Wilmar International Ltd leads us to the following in various markets:


  • Locally our crush capacity represents a significant amount of South Africa’s oilseed production, crushing Soybeans in Randfontein and Sunflower seeds in Viljoenskroon.
  • In-depth knowledge of local oil cake markets, seed and bean markets and oil markets allows us to offer insight on local supply and demands, other surpluses/shortages and relevant market information.
  • We have our own successful oil and mayonnaise brand, which ensures off take for our oil, so factory shut down due to oil stock build up is unlikely.
  • We have successfully crushed Sunflower seeds and produced good quality Sunflower oilcake for many years, and have also been successful in crushing soybeans and producing good quality Soybean meal for more than two years. Our track record demonstrates consistency in product quality and positive relationships with clients.
  • We market our own oil cake and therefore the point of contact, the trader, is aware of the activities of the factory on daily basis. A dedicated oil cake desk ensures complete control of process so that client needs are met from trade all the way through to delivery, quality assurance, etc.


  • Wilmar International is Asia's leading agribusiness group.
  • Wilmar is the global leader in processing and merchandising of palm and laurics oils, as well as production of oleochemicals, specialty fats, palm biodiesel and consumer pack oils.
  • With over 400 soybeans crushing plants worldwide, we have an extensive technical and commercial understanding of crushing various oil seeds.
  • Internationally we are a large grower, and refiner of various vegetable oils, which allows us to have a deep understanding of the vegetable oil market.

Continental Oil Mills (Pty) Limited
Wilmar Continental Edible Oils and Fats, (Pty) Limited is a joint venture between Wilmar International Limited , Asia's leading agribusiness group, and Continental Oil Mills (Pty) Limited. The partnership promises to bring growth to the local market and will soon be offering a greater basket of products to consumers.

Continental Oil plants are the most modern and highly rated of their kind in Southern Africa. As one of the largest independently owned oil expresser in Southern Africa, and one of the top marketers in its category, Continental brands hold a leading share of the sunflower and blended edible oils market in (top and bottom) retail as well as wholesale trade. Although the category is heavily driven by pricing considerations, Continental brands continue to command a premium because of their excellent quality and value propositions.

Continental Oil has always been at the forefront of food processing and oil expressing technology. In 2008, a new crusher was commissioned in Randfontein to capitalise on growing opportunities in the local market and to boost local agriculture on the back of an increasing world demand.

The Wilmar Continental joint venture will not only see further growth for the company in the South African market, but with reputable operations in Zimbabwe and Botswana already, it will also see an expanded footprint across the African continent as it establishes operations in new African markets in the coming years.

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