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Excella Sunflower Oil range

Imagine taking a bite into a perfectly browned chicken drummie...the crispness of the breadcrumb coating as you sink your teeth into the tastiest piece of chicken you've ever had...You've just experienced an Excella Sunflower oil moment! Excella Sunflower oil is tasteless and odourless, which means you're naturally tasting what you just prepared. Excella oil has a longer life span, it withstands high temperatures (roasting, frying and baking)...and the most important part is that it's endorsed by THE HEART AND STROKE FOUNDATION OF SOUTH AFRICA.

Excella Soya Oil Range

Super versatile, easy on the pocket and too many health benefits to mention. That's why Excella Soya oil is a favourite amongst our consumers. The oil is made from soybean seeds, so it’s all natural...and all good for your body in lowering your cholesterol and risks of heart disease. Another endorsement from THE HEART AND STROKE FOUNDATION OF SOUTH AFRICA...yes please!

Excella Canola Oil Range

Healthy on the heart, tasty on the tongue and easy on the eyes...Excella Canola oil is the healthier alternative to cooking oil (we say ‘healthier’ because our other oils don’t fall short) and is produced from premium-grade canola seeds. This light, clear and mild oil is perfect for preparing a healthy salad with a kick to dishing up some of the best stir-frys you’ve ever made...straight out of your wok! Excella canola oil is also great in marinades, fondues or simply for baking.

Pan Sunflower Oil range

Everyone knows, the taste is in the frying...With Excella Oils, you have the world at your fingertips - or stove top! Our range of Pan Sunflower cooking oils will ensure you get the golden, crisp look with your food time and time again! Take your cooking to perfection with our range of cooking oils.



Excella mayonnaise is made from superior quality vegetable oil and the strictest standards are upheld upon completion of every batch!

Lite Salad Cream

Excella Lite Salad Cream is made specially for your health so rest assured, when it leaves our factory and it's opened in your kitchen, you're in for the tastiest and creamiest mayonnaise around.

Wonderwhirl Salad Cream

Excella Wonderwhirl Salad Cream has a smooth texture, delicate taste and can be added to almost any dish...all that's left to do is let your imagination run wild.



We have a wide variety of dips to make anything you eat burst with flavour. Perfect for chips, nachos, fries and even carrot sticks.